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Price Action Changes Everything

By | July 5, 2021

I recently found something that could not be simpler. Stop using those charts cluttered with indicators. They are not helping you. They’re cluttering up your decision-making. You don’t need them to be successful. So why would you want to use them? The successful trader trades using only proven, time-tested trading techniques. You should too. Why… Read More »

Europe Is About to Implode

By | July 5, 2021

I’ve warned time and again that the EU would collapse in May-June. That collapse is here right on schedule. And NO ONE will be able to stop it. Here’s why: 1) According to the IMF, European banks as a whole are leveraged at 26 to 1 (this data point is based on reported loans… the… Read More »

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

By | July 5, 2021

Watching pompous politicians, egotistical economists, arrogant investment geniuses, clueless media pundits, and self- proclaimed experts on the Great Depression predict an economic recovery and a return to normalcy would be amusing if it wasn’t so pathetic. Their lack of historical perspective does a huge disservice to the American people, as their failure to grasp the… Read More »

The inimitable Kyle Bass

By | July 5, 2021

Here’s a December 2011 snapshot from the inimitable Kyle Bass (sorry no embed for that one) Here’s another treat. Must watch for everyone who enjoys not being lied to. Unlike all other cheap talking heads, and know-nothing pundits who merely need a suit to make an appearance on one of the TV’s financial comedy… Read More »