Chickens to roost in backyards around the USA

By | July 5, 2021

Chickens come home to roost in backyards around the USA – “PORTLAND, Maine — For months, Daniel Strauss has looked out the window of his home on busy Stevens Avenue and noticed as many as six chickens pecking at the soil of his backyard.

The hens’ owner, Jennifer Rudin, wasn’t sure at first whether her city neighbor would appreciate the chickens’ free-ranging, which has become routine for them since Portland approved backyard chicken farming earlier this year. But having seen how adaptable chickens are, Strauss is planning to get a few of his own.

‘They eat insects, they fertilize the yard – I don’t really see any downside to them,’ Strauss says, adding that he’d also welcome fresh eggs. ‘The more food you can get from your own backyard, the better.’

A trend in backyard chicken farming is taking hold as urbanites, eager to scoop up flavorful organic eggs, discover how easy it is to get started. A simple coop, a pen and a little feed are such a low entry bar that people are flocking to try their hand at keeping chickens in a tough economy.”

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