CNBC finally has the truth spoken

By | July 5, 2021

Here is something you rarely see on the mainstream media, especially CNBC. Prominent hedge funder Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital tells CNBC: “given my outlook on the world, I don’t know how you can be long stocks”. Bass: “If we get a global restructuring, if we get the European periphery [Bass said EU stress tests were a joke because the majority of regulators self-grading] starts restructuring and Japan restructures, global GDP will not be +4.00%. It might (-4.00,or 5.00%)….We still have deflation. M3 is contracting at an alarming rate today because the Fed can supply the market with as much credit as it can at zero rates. But what they’re realizing, what Bernanke is realizing today is he can’t change the borrowing proclivities of the people that just got wiped out in ‘08.” When asked if he was as negative today as he was during 2008, Bass responded: “How many of your problems have you kicked down the road that have eventually gotten better?” Well worth the time to watch: