The Goldman Sachs Scandal for all to see

By | July 5, 2021

In-depth on the biggest theft in world history in this 1.5 hour long interview by William Black the person who brought down the Keating 5 in the S&L crisis.

Absolutely amazing.

Actually this video covers a LOT more than merely what’s going on at GS. Perhaps the speaker’s most telling point is that there was no need for any sort of ‘conspiracy’ group that was secretly pulling the strings behind the current financial fallout. CEOs, investment banks and financial institutions were free to orchestrate in broad daylight and with the approval of shareholders, investors and the government, because all three were benefiting as long as the bubble was being pumped up and an appearance of health was demonstrable through numbers.

As he says G** help us when the Alt-A loans ‘reset’ themselves and people find out that all mortgage payments they had been making did not even help pay off the interest that was compounding, AND their house is ‘worth’ a significant amount less than the mortgage they will spend decades paying off.