Harmony One

By | July 5, 2021

The Harmony One from Logitech is a universal remote for all of your audio-visual equipment you have at home.

When I opened the box the Harmony comes in I almost thought I had bought something from Apple. There was something about the packaging that indicated to me this wasn’t going to be another case of buyer’s remorse. I was right.

This remote control does exactly what it sets out to do, and do it well. Yes, you need to program it from a computer, and that is going to scare away all the neophytes. No bother, this device isn’t meant for them.

Harmony One

Harmony One

Once I programmed my Harmony One, it worked like a charm. Press the lighted display to watch TV, and magic happens – all the needed components in my system turn on and get set to watch TV. Watch a DVD? Sure, no problem! My cable box gets powered off, the Blueray DVD player comes to life and all inputs are switched appropriately. YES!!

Harmony One Review

The bottom is sculpted to fit your hand naturally and is very comfortable. All the important keys are shaped distinctly, sized appropriately, and within easy reach of your thumb. Pick up the remote and the back-lighting for all the keys kicks in (and the screen lights up). The remote uses a custom 950mAh Li-ion battery pack, which seems to last about a week before needing a recharge. Doing that couldn’t be easier—there’s a little dock you leave plugged in off on a shelf or something; you just rest it on the dock and it charges in a few hours.

I have no complaints about the Harmony One. It is a nicely engineered piece of technology, and performs admirably.


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