How to Vote Bernanke Out

By | July 5, 2021

How to Vote Bernanke Out | zero hedge:

As noted in yesterday’s essay, Bernanke and pals’ claims that the US is in a recovery due to the fact the stock market has rallied are totally bogus. Bernanke is measuring his success in US Dollars, which incidentally happens to be a ruler that he can continually shrink with his policies

Much as someone might claim they’ve grown in height because they use a shorter ruler to measure themselves every day, Bernanke claims that the stock market is up because it’s priced in the US Dollar (which is losing value almost every day).

It’s completely absurd, and yet it’s the basis for each and every one of Bernanke’s claims that the US is in a recovery. Nevermind, that employment is falling like a brick or that food stamp usage is at an all time high, the S&P 500 is up since March 2009, so things must be improving right?

Many supposed gurus claim that investing in stocks is a great way to hedge against inflation. The data doesn’t support this claim… at all. During the ‘70s stocks traded in a large range for 10 years. Unless you timed the bottoms and peaks perfectly, most “buy and hold” folks didn’t make anything in these years.

How to Vote Bernanke Out

And once again, this is priced in nominal terms. When you price stocks’ performance in Gold for the 70s it’s positively abysmal.

Just like today.

So instead of bemoaning Bernanke and his policies, why don’t we all do something about it? I didn’t vote for this guy. None of us did. And yet we’re all paying the price (literally) for his policies.

How do we vote against him? Simple. Buy Gold and DON’T buy stocks. Don’t fall for the “stock wealth effect” BS and instead invest in something the Fed CAN’T devalue.

Because in the end, doing this means buying an asset that is INCREASING your purchasing power (Gold) and avoiding one that is DECREASING in purchasing power (stocks).

And of course, it has the side benefit of not providing Bernanke and his policies with ANY vote of confidence… or support.

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