Inflation or Deflation? "Yes," Says Chris Martenson

By | July 5, 2021

The Federal Reserve will announce it’s latest interest rate decision on Tuesday. Few are expecting the central bank to raise rates. Instead the attention, as it has been over the last year-plus, will be focused on the Federal Reserve’s wording. Will they signal another round of quantitative easing based on fears of deflation?
The theme of deflation has picked up steam among some of the world’s top investors, as we recently chronicled with the Wall Street Journal’s Gregory Zuckerman.
Yet many reading this must be thinking: What deflation? The price of gasoline, food, healthcare, education are all getting more expensive.
Ask Chris Martenson, inflation or deflation? The economic researcher responds, “Yes!”
“We’re seeing inflation in some areas and deflation in others,” he tells Tech Ticker in this clip. “We have powerful deflationary forces in play right now. It’s been well balanced, so far, by what the Fed has done.”

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