Mountaineer Movers Ripped Me Off

By | July 5, 2021

If you are looking for a good moving company in the Hamilton Ontario area I strongly suggest you stay clear of Mountaineer Movers. Let me tell you why.

I very recently commissioned Mountaineer to move my house contents. My wife and I had been preparing for months so we had everything packed and ready to go. When they arrived I was surprised at how small of a truck they had sent. Ok I thought, these guys are the pros. In fact, they gave our house a once over and said it would be a breeze.

Things went downhill from there. Not only did these guys take their sweet time, I heard them muttering about getting a 10 hour day out of this move (no way I thought!).

Then there was the theft of prescription drugs. Valium to be precise. We had arranged for our pet cat to have some Valium for the move from the vets. 8 pills is what we got exactly. After the move, the bottle only contained 4 pills. It could have been no one else but them.

As they day progressed they realized this truck was way too small. They left many of our belongings for us to move. They just left it there!

This move ended up taking 12 hours. 12 hours to move me and my wife. No kid’s stuff. No appliances. No dining room set. Unbelievable.

I cannot recommend Mountaineer Movers in any way after this fiasco.

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One thought on “Mountaineer Movers Ripped Me Off

  1. K man

    Dude, did they at least kiss you? :-)

    I hope you did not pay them for 12 hours, did you?
    You know, same thing happened to me few years ago when I moved out of Waterloo. No matter where you go, more or less these movers are the same. But I protested and they reduced 1.5 hours, although they still charged me 10.5 hours. Oh well…

    Trust all is well with you and the mrs.

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