Nothing is better than cash

By | July 5, 2021

Nothing is better than cash. A new group, which calls itself the Better Than Cash Alliance, is as dangerous as the group of “outdoor enthusiasts” that met at Jekyll Island that fateful early-20th Century November.

A number of financial institutions, including, but not limited to, Citi,
Visa, and MasterCard, support the BTCA, for obvious reasons. In a
cash-free world, these institutions would not only make profits on the
front end by selling electronic payment devices and charging a fee for
every transaction, but they would also make money on the back end by
compelling everyone to deposit all of their earnings and cash holdings
into their coffers.

The Better Than Cash Alliance is a cabal of powerful people who are
pushing a dangerous agenda that would harm average people while
increasing the elite group’s power over them.

We must never let this happen.

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