Sally Sunshine Gentle Fitness

By | September 1, 2022
Sally Sunshine Gentle Fitness

Sally MacDonald is a Certified Fitness Instructor and an Older Adult Fitness Specialist from Western University. She has 12 years of experience teaching Seniors programs for the Owen Sound V.O.N. and Ladies 50+ Gentle Fit classes at Truestar for Women & A Woman’s Journey in Owen Sound.

Gentle Fitness for Seniors

Sally Sunshine Gentle Fit Classes: Description and Benefits: These low-impact classes will improve mobility, flexibility, circulation, coordination, strength, and endurance, as well as your cardiovascular and respiratory health. The social side of getting together every week, meeting new people, and making new friends only adds to the enjoyment! Each 60-minute lesson is unique.

Due to COVID, activities have all gone online. Please visit her website for details:

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