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The War on Cash

By | July 5, 2021

The War on Cash is now going into hyper-drive. In the last 24 months, Canada, Cyprus, New Zealand, the US, the UK, and now Germany have all implemented legislation that would allow them to first FREEZE and then SEIZE bank assets during the next crisis. These moves will be sold as “for the public’s good,”… Read More »

The inimitable Kyle Bass

By | July 5, 2021

Here’s a December 2011 snapshot from the inimitable Kyle Bass http://watch.bnn.ca/the-street/december-2011/the-street-december-13-2011/#clip584882 (sorry no embed for that one) Here’s another treat. Must watch for everyone who enjoys not being lied to. Unlike all other cheap talking heads, and know-nothing pundits who merely need a suit to make an appearance on one of the TV’s financial comedy… Read More »

The Fed Will Soon Find Itself POWERLESS

By | July 5, 2021

Switzerland’s Got a Problem… … and that problem is its reputation as a financial safe-haven. As Europe continues to implode, wealthy Greeks, Italian, Portuguese, and the like are pulling their funds from their domestic banks and funneling them into Switzerland. Because of this the Swiss Franc has been exploding higher, particularly against the Euro: As… Read More »