You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

By | July 5, 2021
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Watching pompous politicians, egotistical
economists, arrogant investment geniuses, clueless media pundits, and
self- proclaimed experts on the Great Depression predict an economic
recovery and a return to normalcy would be amusing if it wasn’t so
pathetic. Their lack of historical perspective does a huge disservice
to the American people, as their failure to grasp the cyclical nature
of history results in a broad misunderstanding of the Crisis the
country is facing. The ruling class and opinion leaders are dominated
by linear thinkers that believe the world progresses in a straight
line. Despite all evidence of history clearly moving through cycles
that repeat every eighty to one hundred years (a long human life), the
present generations are always surprised by these turnings in history. I
can guarantee you this country will not truly experience an economic
recovery or progress for another fifteen to twenty years. If you think
the last four years have been bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Hope is
not an option. There is too much debt, too little cash-flow, too many
promises, too many lies, too little common sense, too much mass
delusion, too much corruption, too little trust, too much hate, too
many weapons in the hands of too many crazies, and too few visionary
leaders to not create an epic worldwide implosion. Too bad. We
stand here in the year 2012 with no good options, only less worse
options. Decades of foolishness, debt accumulation, and a materialistic
feeding frenzy of delusion have left the world broke and out of
options. And still our leaders accelerate the debt accumulation, while
encouraging the masses to carry-on as if nothing has changed since